Error in video_mediamosa module


Activation of the video_mediamosa module results in the following error:

Fatal error: Declaration of video_mediamosa::load_completed_job() must be compatible with that of transcoder_interface::load_completed_job() in /srv/www/videoportal/sites/all/modules/mm_videoupload/transcoders/ on line 9

This is caused by different declarations of the load_completed_job() function:

in video module version 6.x-4.2-beta2:
modules/video/includes/ public function load_completed_job(&$video) {

and in
modules/video_mediamosa/transcoders/ (line 92): public function load_completed_job($video) {




I have sent a message to the

I have sent a message to the creators of video_mediamosa module about this issue.

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