Installer Crash


When installing MediaMosa 2.3 the page show's the server was reinitialized. After some digging in the code i found the following:
In the drupal_parse_info_format( $data ) {} function in /includes/ there is a preg_match_all() on row 6900 that dies over the description tag in /profiles/mediamosa_profile/ (row 4).
After removing that "


" description, the installation runs normally.

I'm installing on Windows XP (32bit), PHP Version 5.2.9 on Apache (Xampp)


Windows hmm hmm

Although Drupal 7 should run fine on Windows, we do not recommend running MediaMosa on Windows. We have run MediaMosa on a windows server in the past for wmv trans-codings, but its very hard to keep it running without problems. This mainly has to do with, you guessed it, Windows. Slight differences between Windows and Linux that we just can't predict and need real testing to make it work.

So, we are really happy that you are trying to run MediaMosa on Windows and we are curious at your findings and experience. We will help you as much as we can to get it running, but I do want to say that if you can run it under Linux, and you have the know-how for it, then run it under Linux.

Why the description in the has problems with Windows, we don't know... There is nothing special about it, except it has multiple lines. So for the next release I've removed all line-feeds and unused spaces to see if this prevents the problem in the future.

What about the cients

Dear Robert,

the MM backend should run on linux, but what about the clients? Is it possible to install and run them on a windows machine, or would this cause problems, too?

Regarding the "multiple line"-problem in the maybe caused by different encoding and/or differing CR/LF between linux and windows?




Well if you mean front-ends as clients, then its possible to run them on Windows. Actually there are front-ends that are c# compiled software (closed source).

Thats the cool thing about the REST interface, it does not matter what kind of client is talking to the REST interface, as long as it knows HTTP and (MediaMosa) REST.

My guess is as well the difference between CR/LF, so I removed them from the description, they weren't needed anyway.

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