mediamosa_ck 6.0-1.x


Hi MediaMosa's,

Currently helping out with a Drupal 6 / MediaMosa CK 6.x-1.0 based video platform (currently, leerling-voor-leerling.

MediaMosa CK 6.x has been chosen instead of 7.x because it is mentioned 6.x is more stable, which has priority for this platform right now.

All in all, it has been a pleasure implementing MediaMosa. The site is working fine, but we did encounter three problems:

1) The generation of lots of empty media files, as can be seen using the WLE interface here: - could this be the bug mentioned here: ? Can something be done about this?

2) As WLE admin, one can replace any video file, also if you are not the uploader. Using CK, only the uploader can do this, otherwise (on trying to edit a video asset) you receive a Whitescreen or an "upload ticket creation failed" message. - can this be circumvented?

3) This one is a bit tricky, but every now and then (I estimate 10 to 20 percent of the uploads), the transcoding seems to get stuck on still creation. Might just be a busy server, but it feels like there is more to it. Have you encountered this problem before?

Robin van Emden


MediaMosa CK 6.x-1.0

That should have been MediaMosa CK 6.x-1.0 for the title, of course.

Hi Robin, 1: It has not yet

Hi Robin,
1: It has not yet fixed. It is not a serious bug (if you use only CK you won't notice this problem). But of course, we will fix it.
2: We will check them.
3: No, we have never seen this problem before. It seems to me a server side issue. You can check what are the differences between the "good" videos and "bad" ones (eg. video codec, container).

Hi Peter,Thank you for your

Hi Peter,

Thank you for your quick reply! I will see if I can find out more on 3, I agree it seems most like a server side issue.

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