/version REST call shows different versions


When executing the GET /version request I noticed a difference between the two occurrences of 'version' in the XML output.
The /response/header/version element contains value, while element /response/items/item/version contains 2.2.6. Shouldn't these values be the same, it doesn't make sense this way.
Observing this behavior I assume it's a manual inserted value. Can the version information be inserted automatically in the build process to prevent discrepancies?


The version field in the

The version field in the header was never been a 'fixed' format, so in 2.x we decided to put more information, like the build number, RC1 / BETA text etc.

However /version output has a fixed format which must be major.minor.release (2.2.6). We can add tag with info about the build.

Please keep both version

Please keep both version field in header and version field in output consistent, and add the tag with info about the build. This way is doesn't mater if people are using one or the other /version reference.

If version parsing is needed,

If version parsing is needed, then use /version, do not use the <version> inside the header. The format of version in the header is fixed to major.minor.release.build[-info]. Where -info is now optional (fe. RC1). Although it will be smarter to use /version instead.

I will add <build> and <info> tags to the output of version.

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